A high school student in Ohio is being honored for refusing to remove the American flag from his truck. PHOTO IS BELOW:

he American Legion is supporting East Central High School senior Cameron Blasek for standing up for what he believes in. WXIX reports Blasek refused to take down the flag from his truck when the school asked him to last week. On Wednesday, veterans gathered outside of the American Legion in Harrison to honor the high school student with the Red, White and Blue Award, along with $3,000 for his patriotism and courage. “All I ever wanted in the first place was just to fly the American flag on the back of my truck. I didn’t want anything more or less than that,” Blasek said. School officials had asked Blasek to remove the flag.

“They told me that if I didn’t take it down, it could be seen as offensive to other students,” Blasek said. However, the following day, the school changed its mind, sending out a letter to parents and students, which reads in part: “After careful consideration and in recognition of the importance of the U.S. Flag as a symbol of unity and national identity, I am pleased to inform you that we are allowing the display of the U.S. flag by students in the East Central High School parking lot.” This week, school administrators have not addressed Blasek directly about the situation. “The flag is a symbol of unity in this country,” Blasek shared. “I think that’s something that everybody can come together on no matter where you come from, how you look, or who you are. I think that’s something that everybody should be able to unite on.” U.S. Army veteran Jean Wilson was at Blasek’s ceremony on Wednesday. She says she is proud of him for standing up for his rights and beliefs. “The American flag means a lot to myself and my entire family,” Wilson said. “We have many who have served in the military, defending our country for people to have the right to choose, have the right to say what they believe in, just as Cameron did. It’s so important.”

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