These airport photos are really funny! Sometimes when you’re traveling, you see things that just make you burst out laughing. Like, there was this mom holding a sign that said “mommy and mini-me” to greet her husband and their new baby. It was so cute and funny, especially because she had gained a few pounds herself. Then there was this guy holding a sign that said “the guy who knocked up my sister.” I mean, who does that? It got everyone laughing though! FULL VIDEO IS BELOW:

And remember that time when someone put their baby in a bin at security? That was hilarious! And there was this guy who looked just like Forrest Gump at the airport. People were shouting “run Forrest, run!” It was like a scene from the movie!

Oh, and don’t forget about the guy who fell asleep using his suitcase as a pillow. He looked so silly, but he had no idea!

And there was this little girl with a sign for her grandparents, but you couldn’t even read it. It was so sweet though, she was so proud of it!

But the best one was probably the penguins on the plane. Can you imagine? Penguins on a plane! It was actually a rescue mission, which is really important, but still, penguins on a plane! Hilarious!


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