“Bewitched,” the beloved comedy that graced ABC’s screens from 1964 to 1972, was a fan favorite, adored for its enchanting premise and captivating characters. At the heart of the show was Samantha, portrayed by the talented Elizabeth Montgomery, a charming witch who had tied the knot with a mortal, much to the disapproval of her husband regarding her use of witchcraft. However, beyond the laughter and magic on screen, there lurked a turbulent tale of behind-the-scenes drama that ultimately culminated in the show’s cancellation. VIDEO IS AT THE END OF THE ARTICLE:

If you’re a fan of “Bewitched” and eager to uncover some lesser-known facts about this iconic sitcom, you’re in for a treat! Here, we delve into a treasure trove of intriguing tidbits that shed light on the show’s fascinating history.

  1. Elizabeth’s Pregnancy Concealed: Did you know that Elizabeth Montgomery, the quintessential Samantha, concealed her pregnancy during the show’s first season? While Montgomery was expecting, the network deemed it inappropriate for Samantha to become pregnant so soon after her marriage to Darren. In a testament to the evolving landscape of television, such concerns seem antiquated today.
  2. A New Darren Takes the Stage: The abrupt introduction of a new Darren in season six left fans reeling. Dick York, who originally portrayed Samantha’s mortal husband, was replaced by Dick Sargent due to York’s debilitating back injury. Sargent admirably stepped into the role, but the transition wasn’t without its challenges.
  3. Dick York’s Health Struggles: York’s departure from the show was shrouded in tragedy, as his health deteriorated rapidly. While filming, he suffered a seizure on set due to a fever of 105 degrees Fahrenheit, prompting his resignation to prioritize his well-being.
  4. Agnes Moorehead’s Discontent: Agnes Moorehead, who portrayed Samantha’s mother Endora, didn’t hide her dissatisfaction with the casting change. Her candid remarks underscored the tension that simmered behind the scenes.
  5. Elizabeth’s Desire for Retirement: Surprisingly, Montgomery herself expressed a desire to retire from Hollywood, with her marital woes exacerbating her longing for a quieter life away from the spotlight.
  6. Off-Screen Romances and Intrigue: The set of “Bewitched” was not devoid of off-screen drama. While Dick York harbored unrequited feelings for Montgomery, rumors of infidelity swirled around her marriage to the show’s producer, Bill Asher.
  7. ABC’s Attempt to Mollify Fans: In an effort to ease the transition to a new Darren, ABC strategically re-aired episodes sans York. However, the network’s ploy to win over fans proved futile in the face of mounting discontent.
  8. The Real Reason Behind “Bewitched’s” Demise: Contrary to popular belief, the show’s cancellation wasn’t solely due to declining ratings. Montgomery’s personal struggles and the deteriorating atmosphere on set played pivotal roles in the decision to bid farewell to the beloved sitcom.

Unveiling the truth behind the scenes of “Bewitched” offers a fascinating glimpse into the complexities of television production. While the show may have concluded its run decades ago, its legacy endures, immortalized in the hearts of fans who continue to be spellbound by its magic.


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