Machine Gun Kelly, the renowned rapper and artist, has recently provided insight into the reasons behind his decision to tattoo his entire upper torso in black ink. This bold move has stirred concerns among his fans, prompting him to address the issue in his own words.

In his latest emotionally charged song titled “Don’t Let Me Go,” released on Wednesday, Machine Gun Kelly, whose real name is Colson Baker, hinted at experiencing a profound struggle before opting for the extensive tattooing. The lyrics of the song reflect a sense of internal turmoil, with lines such as “Lately my thoughts eating me alive / laid in the bed thinking maybe the hate’ll finally go away if I’m not alive,” portraying a poignant narrative.

Moreover, he expresses regret, wishing that others could understand him better, juxtaposing it with the impulsive act of getting the extensive tattoo after what he describes as a breakdown. This introspective revelation provides a glimpse into the rapper’s mental and emotional state, resonating deeply with his audience.

Following the song’s release, one fan described it as “literally the most gut-wrenching heartfelt song I’ve heard in a long time,” indicating the profound impact Machine Gun Kelly’s music has on his listeners.

The themes addressed in the song seem to stem from personal struggles, including the pressure in his relationship with his fiancée, Megan Fox, grappling with suicidal thoughts, and coping with the loss of his father. These profound challenges likely contributed to the rapper’s decision to express himself through extensive tattooing, using his body as a canvas to externalize his inner turmoil.

Machine Gun Kelly initially unveiled the striking tattoo in an Instagram post captioned “For spiritual purposes only.” The tattoo covers his entire upper body in black ink, with only a few of his original tattoos visible through small gaps along his arms and within a cross symbol on his chest.

This artistic transformation comes shortly after Megan Fox, his fiancée, debuted a new sleeve tattoo while attending a Grammys viewing party. The couple’s expressive approach to body art reflects their individual journeys and shared experiences, further cementing their bond both personally and artistically.

Machine Gun Kelly’s decision to share his vulnerabilities and struggles through music and body art underscores the power of artistic expression as a means of catharsis and self-discovery. By baring his soul, he not only invites empathy and understanding from his fans but also encourages open dialogue surrounding mental health and self-expression in the public sphere.

In conclusion, Machine Gun Kelly’s recent revelation regarding his extensive tattooing serves as a poignant reminder of the complex interplay between art, identity, and personal experience. Through his music and visual aesthetic, he continues to challenge societal norms and confront taboo topics, inspiring others to embrace their authenticity and embrace their innermost truths.

Machine Gun Kelly Blackout Tattoo
Machine Gun Kelly before and after his blackout tattoo. PHOTO: INSTAGRAM/MACHINEGUNKELLY

Machine Gun Kelly debuts huge new tattoo that required 44 needles 'for  spiritual purposes only' - Mirror Online

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