Mother Teresa was a famous lady known for helping poor people. She was born in 1910 in a place called Macedonia, which is now part of a country called North Macedonia. But she spent most of her life helping people in Kolkata, India. Many people think she was a saint because she did a lot of good things for others.

The Pope, who is a leader in the Catholic Church, made Mother Teresa a saint in a big ceremony in Vatican City. She was known for her kindness and love for others. But there were things about her life that many people didn’t know.

She started a group called the Missionaries of Charity to help poor people in Kolkata. But later, this group spread all over the world. She won a big award called the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979. Instead of keeping the money, she used it to help poor people in India.

Even though she did so many good things, there were times when Mother Teresa felt sad and alone. She wrote letters to her friends and advisors where she talked about feeling empty inside and not being sure if God was there. This was a big surprise to many people because they thought she was always happy.

Some people even said that Mother Teresa had an exorcism before she died. An exorcism is when people try to get rid of bad spirits from someone. But not everyone agrees on this. Some people think it was just a prayer to help her feel better.

After Mother Teresa died, her letters were found, and they showed that she struggled a lot with her faith. She felt lonely and sad, but she kept helping others anyway. This shows that even people who seem very strong can have hard times too.

Mother Teresa’s story teaches us that it’s okay to feel sad sometimes, even when we’re helping others. It also reminds us that even when we feel alone, we can still make a big difference in the world.


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