It takes untold effort for a bride to plan the wedding ceremony of her dreams. Because she is often doing the wedding planning on top of a job and other responsibilities, it gets very stressful, especially as the big day approaches. After all the work brides put into making their perfect wedding a reality, they don’t want anything to go wrong or off schedule, so when the bride in the video below saw that the groom was delaying the ceremony, she got rather upset.

Until he told her to look in the balcony. Then she realized that his delay was worth throwing everything off schedule.

The bride, Miss Liz, serves as an instructor in theater and dance at the lauded Jaykays Dance Company in Warwickshire, UK. She loves what she does and all of her students. And they return the favor and love how great of a teacher she has proven to be time and time again.

So when her boyfriend Ollie finally popped the question, and the pair got engaged, Liz’s students were thrilled to hear the good news. Although they understood they would not be going to her wedding, they wanted to celebrate the happy occasion with her in any way they could.

Thankfully, Ollie knew how much Liz’s students meant to her. And behind her back, he organized a tribute during their wedding ceremony that brought the dance and theater instructor to tears.

In the wedding video below, you’ll see as Liz and Ollie stand at the front of the aisle preparing to deliver their wedding vows. But Ollie has a surprise up his sleeve. Instead of saying the words that describe how much Liz means to him, he awkwardly points up to the balcony and urges the bride to look.

In the back of the church in the balcony, a special group of guests was ready to deliver a special performance for the bride on her special day.

Liz had no idea that Ollie had gone behind her back to team up with the Jaykays Dance Company to choreograph a performance for the instructor’s wedding ceremony. And as the teacher watches her adorable students performing their rendition of “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri, the bride cannot help but tear up.

“The children were amazing at keeping the surprise a secret!” the wedding videographer wrote in the YouTube description. Everyone seemed to be in on the surprise except for the bride, and that made it all the more special.

The video was posted on the Van Rensburg Films YouTube channel back in April 2017.

The complete description reads:

“Watch unsuspecting Dance and Musical Theatre teacher Liz’ reaction when she sees her pupils in the church balcony during her wedding ceremony. Jeren from Jaykays Dance Company planned the surprise along with Liz’ fiance Ollie. The children were amazing at keeping the surprise a secret! Congratulations on your wedding Liz and Ollie.”

As you can imagine, it meant the world to this dance and theater instructor to see her students on her wedding day. And because her soon-to-be husband knew how much it meant to her, he helped organize the surprise, which proved how much he loved her.

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