The Ellen Show on NBC has been making viewers happy since September 2003. With Ellen’s infectious sense of humor and her ability to get the audience involved, it has soared to the top of the daytime TV rankings. But you know what happens with TV talk shows? Their hosts get up every single day to perform for the world, but they never really take any days off.

When Ellen decided to slip away from the TV for a little bit, she asked a few celebrities to step in for her so that the show could go on. On one lucky day, Mom and daughter duo Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson wowed the crowd with their funny quips and witty repartee. It was clear from the beginning that the audience was in for a treat when they first stepped out.

It started as Kate Hudson greeted the crowd, reluctant to let everyone know that her mother is supposed to be standing up there with her, that “Mom is always late.” After a short introduction to why Kate and Goldie would be here, the beautiful Hawn at age 73 struts out in her white jumpsuit to rousing applause.

The mother-daughter duo shares the stage and split jokes between them as they start the show off in exactly the same way that Ellen does. They do a short stand-up routine to bring everyone into the right mood, cracking jokes and smiles. Goldie Hawn says to her daughter, “That’s what I was nervous about—you being yourself.” The crowd loved that one.

But really, they were just getting started. Kate ends their stand-up routine with the words, “But there was one thing that Mom was most excited about.” After Goldie shares some questions about what her daughter is talking about, Hudson turns to the DJ and signals that it was time for “Best of My Love” by the Emotions to come blasting through the speakers.

Hawn actually started her Hollywood career off as a dancer, at a theater across from Disneyland so you could expect why she was so excited to show off her smooth moves. Hawn and her daughter shake their booties up into the audience where they share an energetic dance and point excitedly at each other and make the crowd cheer with delight. One of my favorite things to watch is the way that Kate seems to be surprised at Hawn’s dancing. It really looks like a daughter looking at their mother and saying, “What are you even doing?”

They are really starting to get into their dance routine before they slide back down onto the stage to ready themselves for the next set, where they speak to special guests and put on a nice little show in Ellen’s absence. It’s got a healthy 800 thousand views on Youtube because people can’t help but get on board with this fun mother-daughter duo.

What did you think of their dance moves? What is your favorite part of the Ellen show with Hudson and Hawn?


Sources: Awm

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