Fans of the widely beloved game show, Wheel of Fortune, were left in disbelief following a recent episode where a contestant appeared to provide the correct answer but lost out on a substantial cash prize. The contestant in question, Megan, a married high school choir director from California, found herself in the spotlight as she attempted to solve a puzzle in the category of ‘Living Thing’. With $40,000 on the line, the stakes were high as Megan faced the challenge of deciphering a two-word answer.

Host Pat Sajak guided Megan to the puzzle board, revealing the partially filled phrase: ‘_ _ n _ ‘ _ R _ _ _ ‘. Despite having only a few letters to work with, Megan managed to make significant progress, transforming the puzzle into ‘P _ N ‘ ‘ RC _ D’. With the timer ticking down, Megan hastily offered her final guess, uttering what sounded like ‘pink orchid’ or perhaps ‘something orchid’.

As the timer expired, the correct letters illuminated on the board, spelling out ‘pink orchid’. However, to Megan’s dismay, Pat Sajak gently informed her that she might have been overthinking the answer, implying that her response was not entirely accurate. It was then revealed that Megan had missed out on a whopping $40,000, settling instead for a considerably smaller prize of $14,007.

Despite Megan’s apparent acceptance of her winnings, viewers took to social media to express their disbelief and support for her. Many insisted that Megan had indeed said ‘pink orchid’, with some even going as far as to rewatch the segment multiple times to confirm their suspicions. The consensus among fans was clear: Megan deserved the full prize for her seemingly correct answer.

This incident brought to mind a similar moment from a previous episode, where contestant Gishma Tabari gained viral attention for her unconventional response to a puzzle. Faced with the challenge of completing the phrase ‘TH- -RITI-S_-GR-E’, Tabari confidently guessed ‘THE BRITISH OGRE’, much to the amusement of both the audience and host Pat Sajak. Despite being given a second chance to reconsider her answer, Tabari stuck to her initial response, leading to a memorable moment on the show.

Reflecting on her viral moment, Tabari admitted to feeling a mix of embarrassment and amusement at her own blunder. However, she remained grateful for the opportunity to fulfill her lifelong dream of appearing on Wheel of Fortune, a show she had watched since childhood. Tabari’s creative guess may not have won her any prizes, but it certainly left a lasting impression on both the audience and host alike.

In both Megan and Tabari’s cases, these instances serve as reminders of the unpredictable nature of live television and the enduring appeal of game shows like Wheel of Fortune. Despite the occasional mishaps and missed opportunities, contestants and viewers alike continue to tune in, captivated by the excitement and suspense of each episode.

Sources: Awm

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