“Pretty Woman” is a beloved movie that has captured hearts worldwide, but did you know there are hidden stories behind the scenes? Let’s dive into some fascinating facts about this iconic film!

Movie Mistakes Even in a blockbuster like “Pretty Woman,” there are still mistakes to be found. One noticeable error is when Vivien unties Edward’s tie, leaves the room, and when she returns, the tie is magically tied again! Another slip-up occurs when Vivien eats a croissant one minute and then it magically transforms into a pancake the next!

The Red Dress Dilemma The iconic red dress Vivien wears was originally supposed to be black! Costume designer Marilyn Vance decided on red to make a bold statement, and it turned out to be a perfect choice. Vance made three dresses for the scene, and the red one stole the spotlight.

Casting Choices Many big names auditioned for the role of Edward, including Denzel Washington and John Travolta. Ultimately, Richard Gere was chosen, but director Gary Marshall initially wanted Al Pacino. Meanwhile, Julia Roberts’ portrayal of Vivien was unmatched, but other actresses like Madonna and Sarah Jessica Parker were considered for the role.

Fun on Set Despite the glamour of Hollywood, filming “Pretty Woman” was filled with laughter and jokes. One memorable moment was when Richard Gere surprised Julia Roberts by getting naked on set to make her feel more comfortable during a scene.

Music Magic The song “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison was already a hit before the movie, but its inclusion in the film made it even more popular. The soundtrack went triple platinum, and songs like “It Must Have Been Love” became chart-toppers.

Legacy of “Pretty Woman” Even years after its release, “Pretty Woman” remains a classic, loved by fans worldwide. Its influence extends beyond the screen, with references in popular culture and even a Broadway adaptation.

Conclusion “Pretty Woman” continues to enchant audiences with its timeless romance and captivating story. Behind the glitz and glamour lies a fascinating world of movie-making secrets, making it a true Hollywood gem.


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