She made the perfect choice and found enduring happiness with Elliott

Katharine Ross, the iconic Hollywood actress, has managed to capture public attention not only with her dazzling and larger-than-life persona but also for embodying the notion that true love does exist.

When Sam Elliott first crossed paths with his future wife, Katharine Ross, she was already a renowned actress and in a committed marriage. However, Elliott’s encounter sparked a profound connection, and despite the circumstances, he instantly felt the pull of love and realized that patience would be his guiding virtue.

Even at the age of 77, Sam Elliott remains happily married to his beloved wife, Katharine Ross, for over forty years and counting. Despite being the object of admiration from countless women around the world, Elliott’s devotion is unwavering, as his heart belongs solely to his cherished wife.

Sam and Katharine’s passionate relationship could easily be the plot of a captivating Hollywood romantic comedy. Their story commenced when Katharine Ross landed the lead role in the acclaimed film “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” back in 1969. In contrast, Elliott played a minor character, modestly describing himself as nothing more than a “shadow on the wall.”

In a candid interview with AARP The Magazine, Elliott revealed his initial hesitation in approaching Katharine Ross, admitting, “I was too nervous to try and talk to her back then. She was the star of the show, and I was merely a glorified extra in a bar scene, a mere shadow on the wall.”

Although Elliott was smitten with Ross from the start, it wasn’t until they reunited on the set of “The Legacy” in 1978 that he mustered the courage to connect with her. They immediately clicked, and six years later, they exchanged vows.

In 1979, following her divorce from her previous husband, Katharine Ross found love again and eventually tied the knot with Sam Elliott in 1984. It’s worth noting that Ross, who is five years older than Elliott, was embarking on her fourth marriage, whereas Elliott had never experienced married life before.


In the same year of their wedding, Elliott and Ross joyfully celebrated the arrival of their daughter, Cleo Rose. Considering Ross’s history of unsuccessful marriages, she couldn’t be certain about the outcome of her fifth union. However, after three decades together, she now confidently affirms that she made the perfect choice and found enduring happiness with Elliott.

“We share a sensibility, but we also work hard to be together,” Ross revealed. According to Elliott, relationships endure by working through challenges, not avoiding them. He believes that mutual love and respect are the foundations of their successful marriage, also highlighting Ross’ stability and experience.


Elliott and Ross had the wonderful opportunity to fulfill their long-held ambition of acting alongside each other as a married couple. They successfully achieved this feat not once, but twice, appearing together in the films “The Hero” and “Love Letters.” Of the two, “Love Letters” holds a special place in Elliott’s heart as he considers it a significant highlight in his career.

When discussing the success of their enduring relationship, Elliott attributes it to the power of perseverance. In an interview with the San Francisco Chronicle, he emphasized the importance of pushing forward despite the inevitable peaks and valleys that come with any long-term partnership.

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