During the summer, especially when the temperatures are extremely high, we often experience troubles sleeping. Most people try to solve this issue by purchasing an air conditioner, but since this can be a rather expensive option, we provide you with some tips and trips to keep yourself cool during the hot days that follow.

Chilled Pillow: Wrap a plastic bag around your pillow and place it in the fridge during the day. This may seem unconventional, but it effectively cools the pillow without getting it wet. When it’s time to sleep, place the cool pillow under your covers or use it as you usually do.

A Wet Towel on the Window: If you want to lower the room temperature, hang a wet or cool towel on the window.Believe it or not, this makeshift air conditioner works wonders during hot nights.

Ventilator Ice Cubes: Before bedtime, cool down your room by placing a plate of ice cubes in front of the ventilator. This may sound like a simple hack but it effectively lowers the temperature.

Eliminate Heat Sources: If you struggle to keep your room cool during the summer, remove any electronic devices that generate excess heat. This refers especially to devices charging, as they emit unnecessary heat and raise the room temperature.

Cold bath tub for your feet: Soak your feet in a cold bath before bed to not only cool off but also induce sleep. Cooling your feet prompts improved circulation, leading to relaxation and a calming effect on the entire body.

Wet Socks: Refresh yourself on hot nights by wearing socks that had previously been placed in the freezer. When they get cold enough put them on for a good night sleep.

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Sources: Bored Daddy

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