The internet is like a vast, endless gallery of the strange and unexplained, but it’s also a hotbed for hoaxes and misunderstandings. However, every now and then, we stumble upon images that defy easy explanation and leave us wondering. Even if we approach such images with a healthy dose of skepticism, it is the mystery aspect and the possibility of the unknown that keep us intrigued.

Runner Kay Borleis shared a photo of herself while on a 100-mile run through the Hawaiian rainforest, but it wasn’t until later that she spotted something very strange on the image. In fact, that haunting detail defies logic.

Sharing the story behind the image in question, Kay explained that she embarked upon the Hawaiian Ultra Running Team’s Trail 100-Mile Endurance Run back in 2019 – a race that sees competitors run five laps of a 20-mile loop through dense rainforest.

She was accompanied by her friend Cassie, who was working as a pacer and took the photos of the duo.

One of the images showed Kay making her way along a muddy trail in the heart of the jungle. But neither she nor her friends noticed anything unusual that day until they saw the photos again.

“My pacer took this photo. Notice the figure in the frame to the left of my head. We never saw anyone passing us and there were no statues along the trail.

“It is NOT photoshopped or made. This is legit.”

Although Kay insists there was no one present there besides her and Cassie, the image shows the presence of a dark figure, dressed in ragged garb, that seems to be looking straight at Kay.

Kay provided further explanation.  “According to legend, there are ghosts of Hawaiian warriors that roam the island and they’re called Night Marchers, she wrote.”

“They are, ‘murderous shades, demons, revenants that haunt the island. They are the rabid galvanized specters of ancient Hawaiian fighters, heroes, and warriors’.

“Upon further research, we found out that, ‘ancient Hawaiian tenets assert that any mortal gazing upon or being viewed in defiance to the marchers will die horribly and violently. Some people declare that if the mortal lies still, down on the ground, prostrated to the marchers they are giving proper respect, fear, and reverence to the Night Marchers; and they will be forgiven and spared.’”

“Luckily, we did not see the supposed Night Marcher.”

What do you think of this? Do you believe this photo is genuine?

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Sources: Bored Daddy

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