In a surprising revelation that has taken the internet by storm, a UPS driver named Skyler Stutzman, hailing from Millersburg, Oregon, shared the details of his weekly earnings on TikTok. The post, which has garnered more than 11.9 million views, provided an in-depth look at his pay stub and an hourly breakdown, leaving viewers astounded by the figures.

Skyler, a content creator on TikTok with a substantial following, began his video by highlighting the significance of transparency in sharing pay information across different professions. He emphasized the value of content creators who are willing to provide insights into their wages, breaking down the numbers for their audience.

The pay stub he shared revealed a weekly earnings total of $2,004.98, with taxes deducted at $487.49 and total deductions amounting to $204.25. After deductions, his net take-home pay for the week came to $1,313.24. These numbers quickly dispelled any misconceptions about the income of a UPS driver.

The video also included an hourly breakdown, which further illuminated Skyler’s earnings. He disclosed that his current pay rate was $44.26 per hour. As he detailed the breakdown, it became evident that the UPS driver’s income was not solely based on a fixed hourly wage. Skyler’s earnings were augmented by regular overtime and production bonuses, which contributed to a total of $42.76 per hour. Over the course of the year, Skyler had accumulated 1,735 hours of work, resulting in a yearly income of $76,243. This figure was equivalent to an average hourly rate of approximately $44.

The video concluded with Skyler expressing his hope that viewers found the information valuable. He received an overwhelming response on TikTok, with many users expressing their amazement at the earnings of a UPS driver. Some even humorously contemplated changing their careers, with one comment stating, “Damn maybe I should become a UPS driver.”

Another comment highlighted the stark contrast between Skyler’s income and their own, despite having 20 years of experience in their field and a degree. The sentiment was echoed by many who felt that they might be in the wrong profession.

In a follow-up video, Skyler explained the journey to becoming a full-time UPS driver at the top rate. He shared that he had started working for the company in September 2008, at the age of 18. After nearly six years in the warehouse, he was offered a full-time driving position. This transition included a one-week driving school and a 30-day probationary period to prove his suitability for the role.

Once the probationary period was successfully completed, Skyler embarked on a four-year progression to reach the top pay rate. In total, it took him almost 10 years to become a full-scale, full-time UPS driver.

Skyler’s TikTok revelation has shed light on the earning potential of UPS drivers and garnered attention from people across various professions. It serves as a reminder that income disparities can exist even within industries we may not expect, emphasizing the importance of transparency in discussions about wages and careers.

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