Rod Stewart, the world-famous rock songwriter, and singer is just about to celebrate his 76th birthday on 10th January 2021. It’s unbelievable that the man is already 75. His ambitions and energy keep inspiring individuals all over the world. When we say that, we quite naturally mean that there are not many who can encapsulate the true essence of ‘rockstar’ like our beloved Rod the Mod. Here are all the important yet unknown facts that every Rod Stewart fan must know.

Born as Roderick David Stewart in North London, Rod Stewart was the youngest of five siblings. His parents were Elsie Rebecca Gilbart and Robert Joseph Stewart. His father was of Scottish origin and was a master builder by profession and Elsie was an English lady who grew up in North London. Rod’s parents tied the knot in 1928 and had two daughters and two sons while he was settled in Scotland. Rod was born about eight years after the birth of the youngest sibling, precisely when World War II was raging. He was a spoilt kid as he was the youngest in the family. Rod Stewart describes his childhood to be a fantastically happy one.

Now a little about Rod’s career. “Maggie May” pushed Rod Stewart’s career into high gear with a track heard and celebrated worldwide. It secured the #1 position on the US and UK pop singles charts simultaneously with an album titled Every Picture Tells a Story. Watch the video below:


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