Life in Coons Rapids, Minnesota, is not easy for 36-year-old Tara Plum. As a liberal in a conservative part of the country, the purple-haired Plum has been able to find work as a driver for Instacart, which means she shops in various stores for people who pay her to do so. However, Plum became outraged when she noticed a pro-police Blue Lives Matter flag in the driveway of her next delivery.

The groceries that were flattened were worth about $50. In addition to damaging the old couple’s food, she left the hateful note to let them know that she smashed the food on purpose after spotting the pro-police flag that declared, “Thank you, Blaine PD.” The groceries were delivered on December 6, 2021, from Cub Foods nearby.

The elderly couple noticed the Instacart driver smashing their food. She even yelled at the couple before driving away and told them to look at the wreath on their front door for confirmation as to why she destroyed their order out of rage.

Sources: AWM

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