Virtual test to put your viral challenges to the test in order to remain constant with your soft skills.

The viral puzzles have levels, some are very easy to perform, others are somewhat complicated, but there are the most complicated ones that reach a professional level and that is what we bring you today. An entertaining one to refresh the mind.[start-read-more]

What you need to do is look at the image carefully, there is a lady getting on a bus, while the driver waits for her to approach to open the door and get on public transport. At first glance, everything seems normal on a normal day on the streets of a city. However, there is a mistake in the image that only the most geniuses have solved without problems. What is it about?

That’s the challenge you need to put into practice to define if you’re capable with your soft skills. However, you only have 10 seconds to do so. Below you will have the solution to the challenge, but it is hoped that it will not be necessary and be a person with great cognitive abilities. Good luck and very attentive to your eyes.


Did you manage to solve the riddle? If the answer is no, don’t worry or feel bad. It’s completely normal, challenges require a lot of time and patience to be solved. Therefore, if you were not part of the select group of geniuses who have managed to meet this challenge, there is a consolation prize: we invite you to see the solution and share it with your friends.

The error in the image is that the bus lacks some mandatory elements to be able to travel on any street. First, the vehicle is missing the rear-view mirrors, key to not having an accident on the road. Likewise, it does not have a windshield, an indispensable element considering that without them the glass remains unprotected and they must also use it by regulation. Watch and share it with your close ones so that they can try if they are able to form with the prestigious group.

Visual bus riddle

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