Eva Longoria and her husband, José Bastón, have made a significant decision to leave Los Angeles and

settle in Spain, fearing that their five-year-old son, Santiago, might become engulfed in the intense

Hollywood lifestyle if they remain in the United States. According to insiders, this move is motivated by their desire to provide a more serene and nature-filled environment for their son to grow up in. The couple, aged 49 and 56 respectively, have taken concrete steps towards this relocation. They have recently reduced the price of their eight-bedroom mansion in Beverly Hills from $22.8 million to $18.9 million and have begun the process of moving their belongings to their newly renovated home in Marbella, Spain. Sources close to the couple revealed exclusively to DailyMail.com that Eva and José are determined to make this transition permanent, as they feel it is the right decision for their family.

“They are leaving Los Angeles for good and have put their home up for sale again,” the source disclosed. “They took it off the market in June but recently relisted it for $4 million less in February because they are just ready to get out.” This decision highlights their firm commitment to starting a new chapter of their lives in Spain.

Despite the reduction in price, the Beverly Hills property is still significantly more expensive than what Eva and José paid for it when they purchased it in 2017. However, financial considerations seem secondary to their primary goal of providing a better environment for their son. “They want to raise their son in a place where he will be surrounded by nature and beauty and not be sucked into the whole Hollywood cycle,” the source emphasized.

Eva Longoria, known for her role in “Desperate Housewives,” married José Bastón, a Mexican businessman, in 2016. Their decision to move to Spain reflects their shared vision for their family’s future. They are already shipping their belongings to Spain, indicating that this is a well-thought-out and irreversible decision.

The couple’s new home in Marbella is a sprawling mansion boasting six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and luxurious amenities like an indoor pool, sauna, and state-of-the-art home gym. The property, purchased in early 2023, is a testament to their commitment to creating a comfortable and nurturing environment for their family.

Eva Longoria has expressed her love for Marbella in various interviews, citing it as a place she has always wanted to live. She has a deep connection to the city, having been involved in philanthropic activities there through the Global Gift Foundation, of which she serves as president. Founded by her close friend María Bravo in 2013, the foundation aims to empower disadvantaged communities, particularly women and children.

In addition to providing a better environment for their son, the move to Spain also brings Eva Longoria closer to her best friend, Victoria Beckham, who resides in London. This proximity will undoubtedly strengthen their bond and allow for more frequent visits and quality time together.

Eva Longoria’s decision to leave behind the glitz and glamour of Hollywood in favor of a more peaceful life in Spain reflects her priorities as a mother and her commitment to providing the best possible upbringing for her son. With their new home in Marbella, Eva and José are embarking on an exciting new chapter filled with promise and possibility.

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