A viral video (below) is making its rounds on the internet and appears to show a man caught with his mistress during a baseball game.

The footage, which was posted on Reddit, shows the pair sitting close together at a Red Sox/Indians game in Cleveland. The man sits comfortably with his arm draped around the woman’s shoulders. Once the couple notices the camera is on them, however, the man quickly removes his arm and the woman looks to the side in apparent embarrassment while fidgeting with a rubber band.

“The funny part is once you’ve been seen with the arm on her what does taking it off do except to make you both look even guiltier?” one person commented.

Some users thought that the woman was the one trying to hide a side relationship from her partner. She sits with her hat partially covering her face, and some think she is telling the man to “get off” once she notices the camera is showing them.

“She’s the one who tells him what’s up,” one person wrote. “You can read her mouth ever slightly saying ‘get off.’ That’s when he takes his arm off.”

“Look at how anxious she looks too,” another replied. “People who are calm and not worried don’t do [what] she’s doing with her hands. She looks like she’s worried she’s about to be caught.”

A similar story occurred in China, when a woman watching a soccer game at home with her mother unexpectedly saw her husband on TV with his mistress. The man can be seen in the back of the crowd with another woman as the TV camera pans the crowd, according to Crave. The pair immediately stands out as they’re the only ones not wearing any team apparel.

After spotting them on her TV at home, the wife reportedly decided to take swift action and confront the couple at the game. She and her mother rushed to the stadium and angrily grabbed the mistress’ hair, dragging her out to the street. As the wife continued to assault and yell profanities at the mistress, the husband was able to make his escape.

Later, the wife, the mistress, and the mother were seen getting into a taxi.

In China, it is common for women dating married or committed men to be publicly shamed if they are caught. The men rarely receive any punishments.


Sources: RedditCrave / Featured Photo: Pedro Ribeiro Simoes/Flickr / Opposing Views

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