As weekend revelers savored their leisure time, Wynonna Judd graced the Kentucky Derby with her presence. Marking the 150th running of this iconic horse race for the Triple Crown, the event holds a special significance, especially after the historic conclusion of the 2022 race where Rich Strike claimed victory.

It’s no wonder the Derby earned its moniker, “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports.” But before the thundering hooves hit the track, Wynonna captivated the audience with a stirring rendition of the national anthem, setting the stage for an unforgettable day of racing.











With a stage career spanning since the 1980s, Wynonna has not only delivered chart-topping hits like “I Saw the Light” and “She Is His Only Need” but has also earned a revered spot in the Country Music Hall of Fame. A true legend in country music, even someone of her caliber can experience pre-show jitters. In an interview with People, she admitted, “I will be writing the words on my hand. I’m nervous as heck because it is my home state, and these are my people. But yeah, I’m excited because I’ve never done it before.”

Despite her nerves, Wynonna once again demonstrated her remarkable talent, delivering a spellbinding rendition of the national anthem with her captivating voice, reaffirming her status as a top-tier performer.

Viewers at home echoed the sentiments of praise, with comments such as “Wynonna Judd can SING BABY” and another user simply stating, “Wynonna Judd is everything.” One particularly enthusiastic fan even labeled Judd’s performance as a “top ten all-time rendition,” emphasizing the enduring impact of her mesmerizing delivery.

Wynonna Judd savored the significance of her performance at the Kentucky Derby, reflecting on its deep-rooted importance to her and her family. Recalling her childhood memories, she expressed, “I grew up going to Keeneland. Standing on the backside as they come around and hearing the thunderous sound of the hooves hitting the dirt, I was just always overcome with emotion. I still think about it.” Determined to fully absorb the magnitude of the occasion at Churchill Downs, she insisted, “I will be going in the morning for a soundcheck, and that will give me a chance to stand there and just bask in the glory of the moment.”

Despite the uncertainty of what the future held, Wynonna dazzled at Churchill Downs, leaving an indelible mark on the rich history that surrounds the Kentucky Derby.

Sources: Fitbodymedia

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