The Great Pyramid of Giza remains a marvel of ancient architecture, shrouded in mystery. Few ever glimpse its peak, but 35-year-old Brazilian Yanis Terzis recently captured rare footage from the top using his paramotor.

Terzis, a psychiatric administrator and pilot, embarked on a journey to fly over Egypt’s ancient sites, including the Sphinx, during a paramotor event in Luxor and Cairo.

With a GoPro Hero 10 attached to his helmet, Terzis filmed his adventure legally, having obtained permission beforehand. He aimed to capture unique perspectives of the pyramids and temples. Risking proximity to the ground, Terzis flew so close to the Great Pyramid that he could almost touch its tip with his feet. His footage, viewed over 7 million times on YouTube, reveals intricate details carved into the pyramid’s white stone.

Contrary to its pointed appearance from below, the pyramid’s top is surprisingly flat. The Great Pyramid, part of the Seven Wonders of the World, stands as a testament to ancient engineering, constructed around 2560 BCE. Originally towering at 482 feet, erosion and stone removal have reduced its height to approximately 449 feet. Terzis’s breathtaking footage offers a rare glimpse into this iconic monument’s summit, providing a unique perspective on its timeless grandeur.

According to Reddit, rather than carvings that have weathered a desert climate for millenia, it’s graffiti “written by people who climbed the pyramids” more recently.

Rules and regulations are now in place to protect one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

“The graffiti pre-dates the rules set in place against climbing,” one commenter on X eplained.

These only officially came into effect in November 2019.

The penalty is at least one month’s imprisonment and/or a fine between EGP 10,000 ($620) and EGP 100,000 ($6,200).

Paraglider Yanis Terzis captures a close-up aerial footage of one of the ancient pyramids of Egypt
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