Oh, the memories of watching Carol Burnett and her crew work their magic with those hysterical pranks! There’s one episode that stands out, filled with some of the most memorable pranks that had us clutching our sides from laughter.

Carol Burnett was always the mastermind, and when she teamed up with Tim Conway and Harvey Korman, the result was television gold. This particular video showcases one of the greatest pranks they ever pulled off. It’s the one with the unexpected twist in the sketch about a map tattooed on a tummy, a classic setup with a hilarious turn.

In the sketch, everything was rehearsed one way, but Carol had a mischievous plan for the live show. Imagine the suspense backstage as everyone, except Harvey, knew about the switch-up. The anticipation of his reaction added an extra layer of excitement for everyone involved.

The moment when Carol decided not to hit Harvey with the door, contrary to the rehearsal plan, was a stroke of genius. The look on Harvey’s face? Absolutely priceless. It wasn’t just funny; it was a moment of pure improv magic.

And let’s not forget Tim Conway’s elephant story, which by itself could make even the sternest face break into a smile. Tim’s ability to deliver the most absurd stories with a straight face made this prank even more delightful.

This video isn’t just a walk down memory lane; it’s a tribute to the creativity and joy that Carol Burnett brought into our homes week after week. It reminds us of the power of laughter and the timeless appeal of good, clean fun.

Ready for a good laugh? Watch this video to see the master at work, and maybe share it with someone who needs a smile today.


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