Back in the late 1980s, you couldn’t turn on a TV without running into actress Tiffani Amber Thiessen. She got her big break that year when she appeared on Saved by the Bell as cheerleader Kelly Kapowski. In the show, Kapowski worked as a lifeguard in addition to her cheerleading duties and sometimes appeared on the show wearing nothing but a swimsuit.

Now, Tiffani has shared an updated photo of herself in a swimsuit – and fans argue that she still has got it. Back in 2020, Tiffani was recast as Kapowski for a reboot of Saved by the Bell. While she was preparing for her role in the reboot, she did some digging and found photos of herself wearing a swimsuit while she was playing the lifeguard in the show back in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

It’s very hard to maintain a figure over the course of several decades. However, Tiffani recently posted a photo of herself in a one-piece bathing suit from a recent beach trip. Fans were delighted to see that Tiffani still looked very good in her beach attire, and some people even went so far as to say that she looked as good now as she did back in the late 1980s during her time on Saved by the Bell.

The new photo of Tiffani Thiessen shows her body off in a dark one-piece swimsuit. In the photo, she is posing in front of a bunch of rocks on the beach. She’s wearing a pair of cool aviator sunglasses and is holding a straw hat in one hand. Her long brunette hair cascades over her shoulders.

The Saved by the Bell star captioned her beach photo, “When you get caught trying to find a place to pe*.” The photo and caption attracted a lot of attention from fans on social media, who were absolutely delighted to see Tiffani looking as good now as she did back during her heyday in the television industry.

Positive comments poured in for the star. Many people celebrated Tiffani for looking great in her bathing suit despite it being decades since she appeared in the original Saved by the Bell.

“Hello. I didn’t realize they were making a new Baywatch series!” one fan wrote in the comments.

Another person added, “Kelly Kapowski still got it.”

“Doesn’t age what’s so ever.”

As a forty-eight-year-old woman, Tiffani has a few secrets to maintaining her figure. She recently spoke to Hollywood Life about her health routines and said that her secret to maintaining her good looks is to not “panic” at getting older.

“What is panic going to do? They say stress actually adds pounds, so if I stress, it’s going to be worse. Right?”

Although she doesn’t “panic” if she gains a few pounds, she does have a rigid routine to maintain her good looks.

“I’ve never been one to eat bad all the time, and I’ve never been one to always be healthy. I’m like an eighty-twenty percent kind of person. I try to e because I love food. I love to cook… Eating a salad three times a day is not always what I want to do. So, I think it’s all about balance.”

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