Linda Carter, the actress who played Wonder Woman, was a guest on Johnny Carson’s show. She talked about her role and how much fun it was.

They discussed how important it is to enjoy what you do, especially in showbiz. Linda shared her experience auditioning for the role, which was nerve-wracking but exciting. She mentioned how she started in the entertainment industry, even winning Miss USA, but faced challenges along the way. Despite the glamour, Linda talked about the[start-read-more]

reality of being unemployed between jobs, waiting for the next opportunity. She also mentioned living with a psychiatrist, which helped her navigate the ups and downs of Hollywood. Johnny Carson praised her acting skills and wished her success in her career. The show ended with some light-hearted banter and a mention of a viewer’s name.

The title “TV’s Wonder Woman Makes $90 a Week” likely refers to a segment or interview featuring Linda Carter, the actress who portrayed Wonder Woman on television. In the conversation, Carter might have discussed her experiences in the entertainment industry, including the financial aspects. The mention of “$90 a week” could highlight the contrast between the glamorous image associated with being a TV star and the financial reality of starting out in Hollywood. It’s a catchy title that likely intrigued viewers, prompting them to watch the segment to learn more about Carter’s journey and insights into the industry.



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