It has been more than a decade since Kate Beckinsale brought home her beloved adopted cat, Clive. However, Beckinsale has since announced that her Persian pet cat, Clive, has passed away, and the 49-year-old actress is absolutely devastated by the tragedy. Beckinsale has become a celebrity on Instagram sharing content over the years, including updates about her pet cat, Clive, and now she said she does not even “have it in” her “to make a montage or even look at a picture of him yet” because the cat’s death is still too fresh of a wound for her to deal with.



“Clive has died… Every single part of my house feels like he should be in it,” she captioned a selfie of herself and her cat, who was wearing a pink onesie with a pig printed on it. “If anyone is expecting to hear from me, you may not for a bit, and I’m sorry.”

She added, “My heart is absolutely and totally broken.”

Beckinsale’s celebrity friends, as well as countless fans, rushed to the comments to share messages of faith and perseverance in her time of need and support. Some celebrity friends of Beckinsale who left comments on her tragic post include Anya Taylor-Joy and actor/comedian Seth Rogen.

Taylor-Joy wrote, “Kate, sending you love,” while Rogen commented, “I’m so sorry.”



Other people wrote, “Sending love,” “So sorry Kate. Thinking of you,” and “I’m so sorry Kate. It’s the worst heartbreak. Sending you love.”

Beckinsale did not reveal how Clive’s life came to an end. It is not clear whether he had health problems or just died from natural causes or old age. She had previously written that Clive the cat was “quite old,” being at least fifteen or sixteen.

“We got him when my daughter [Lily Sheen, now 20] was little,” she told People in 2019. “And he usually is shaved into an odd shape, but he’s a recent cancer survivor.”

While Clive survived cancer a few years ago, it is possible his cancer returned and might have been the cause of his death. However, that statement has not been confirmed by Beckinsale or veterinarians close to the cat’s health.

Beckinsale previously told People that Clive’s “favorite things in the world are suitcases and boxes and bags.”



She added, “If you bring home a pair of sneakers or take out a bag, he’s immediately inside it. So we got him this suitcase bed, and he loves it so much.”

When it comes to pets, Beckinsale previously said she prefers cats to dogs because they’re so much “easier” to take care of than their canine counterparts.

She said, “You don’t have to walk around with a bag of poo like you do with a dog, which I hate to walk around with a bag of poo.”

Clive frequently made appearances on Beckinsale’s social media profile. Pictures showed the cat in various costumes. He seemed to be by his owner’s side throughout much of his life.

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