Country music icon Alan Jackson, known for his traditional tunes, recently shared news about his marriage, marking 43 years of union. Despite his stellar career, which includes selling over 80 million records and prestigious inductions, Jackson’s life hasn’t been without trials. Last year, he disclosed battling a nerve disorder, compounded by the tragic loss of his son-in-law, Ben Selecman, in 2018.

Ben’s passing deeply impacted the family, inspiring Jackson’s recent albums, which delve into themes of grief and healing. Jackson and his daughter Mattie, who was Ben’s spouse, co-wrote “Racing the Dark,” a poignant reflection of their shared pain. Mattie’s forthcoming book, “Lemons on Friday,” recounts her journey through loss and faith, also highlighting her initiative, NaSHEville.

Adding to his challenges, Jackson battles Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, impairing his mobility. Nevertheless, he remains resolute in performing for his fans despite the hurdles. Jackson’s resilience in the face of adversity underscores his family’s enduring strength, drawing support and prayers from fans worldwide.

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