We all have our fair share of regrets in life, wishing we could change some of the decisions we’ve made in the past. But for Ethan ‘ModBoy’ Bramble, an Australian body fanatic covered head to toe in over 200 tattoos, his regrets are visible for all to see.

Tattoos have long been used as a form of self-expression, but Ethan took it to a whole new level. Starting from stretching his ears at the young age of 11, he went on to undergo more extreme procedures like splitting his tongue and even removing his belly button.

But it is his tattoos that truly steal the show. Ethan has spent a staggering $60,000 AUD (approximately $39,000 USD) to cover himself in ink. However, despite the initial excitement, he now admits to having some regrets.

In an interview with LadBibleTV’s No Filter series, Ethan opened up about his desire to be perceived differently. He worries about the judgment he may face while doing everyday tasks, especially when it comes to taking his young daughter to school.

Having tattoos that cover his face can lead to many problems, and Ethan doesn’t want his daughter to have to deal with those issues at such a tender age. He candidly admitted, “I wish that I had not gone as crazy as I did on my face.”

To clean up his image and create a better future for himself and his daughter, Ethan made the brave decision to undergo painful laser surgery treatments to remove some of his tattoos. Although it’s been a year of enduring the procedure multiple times, he remains determined to gradually clear his face over the next two years.

Ethan’s ultimate goal is to have a fresh canvas and a transformed appearance. While he is content with his current look, he wants to lessen the impact of his face tattoos. He believes that this journey will help alleviate the anxiety he has been experiencing.

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