In the parenting realm, a novel idea has emerged: seeking consent from babies before changing their nappies. Spearheaded by Deanne Carson, a sexuality education advocate, this notion has stirred both intrigue and controversy. Carson suggests initiating a dialogue of consent from infancy, emphasizing non-verbal cues like eye contact to convey the importance of a child’s input.

However, skeptics question the practicality of obtaining consent from infants who cannot comprehend the situation. Meanwhile, parenting expert John Rosemond argues against seemingly innocuous acts like high-fiving children, positing that they undermine parental authority.

These debates highlight the complexities of child-rearing, where every action shapes the parent-child dynamic. As discussions persist, the verdict remains unclear: are these conversations crucial for fostering respectful relationships, or are they an overthinking of parenting? Amidst the uncertainty, one fact stands: parenting is a journey laden with surprises, challenges, and the ongoing quest for improvement.

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