My mother-in-law recently became a widow. As her only son, my husband asked her to move in with us. She’s nosy, bossy, and hates my two kids who are not her son’s.

I said I don’t want her living with me under MY roof. My husband smirked and declared, “Well, if you don’t accept, then your mother won’t be coming for dinner three days a week!”

To my horror, he added, “Also, in that case, your mother is not allowed to leave her belongings in our guest room. She might not be living with us, but having all her things around the house makes it feel like she almost does.”

These words devastated me. It is true that my mother comes by to visit often, but she never lived with us. And most importantly, my mom is not an annoying burden like his mom.

My mom is pleasant, always eager to help, and brings good vibes to our family everything my mother-in-law is not.

It feels like my husband is forcing me to accept his mom living with us, and I cannot accept being treated this way.

How should I handle this?

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