A dad captured a photo of his daughter, but when he looked closer, he couldn’t stop laughing. With cell phones in everyone’s pockets, it’s easy to snap photos anytime, often leading to unexpected, funny results.
This dad aimed to take a simple picture of his daughter, who had no idea she’d become famous. She posed in front of a group of horses on the street, creating one of the funniest photos seen in a long time. “Talk about a hilarious photo!”

The photo was originally uploaded by a Reddit user, according to Time. Although the account has since been deleted, it’s believed to have first appeared online in 2016. The little girl, likely having a great day with her family, might have been at a parade with big Clydesdale horses. When she posed, someone said, “Say ‘cheese,’” capturing the perfect moment.
Whether it’s the first time you see it or not, this photobomb is impossible not to love. Share it with friends who appreciate a good laugh!

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