A heartwrenching story unfolds as a man facing a terminal illness finds himself more worried about his loyal companion, his dog, than his own fate. David Fine, from Plainville, Massachusetts, has made it his dying wish to secure a perfect home for his beloved pet, Babs, before he passes away.

Ten years ago, David rescued Babs, a Shar-Pei/Boxer mix, from a shelter. Since then, the two have been inseparable. But now, their time together is coming to an end as David, 63, battles cancer.

According to WJAR, David opted against treatment for his stage 4 lung cancer, as it would have compromised his quality of life. With a prognosis of just six more months to live, David’s top priority is ensuring a safe and loving home for Babs.

“I had told myself I was never gonna get another pet because it breaks my heart to lose them,” David shared with WJAR. “Unfortunately, she’s going to outlive me this time.”

Without any children, his loyal dog has become the most important aspect of David’s life. He describes finding a home for her as akin to finding a home for a child. “It’s like trying to find a home for your child,” he added. “She is the most important thing at this point. My fate is sealed but hers is not.”

David hopes to witness Babs settling into her new home while he is still alive. Once he enters hospice care, he plans to surrender Babs to her new family. Although the thought of parting with his dog may be devastating, he will find solace knowing she is safe and secure.

Assisting David in his quest to find a suitable home for Babs is animal rescuer Jennie Mann. She has taken to social media to spread the word and evaluate potential adopters. Describing David as a “sweet kind-hearted man,” Jennie emphasizes that finding a home for Babs is his “dying wish.”

“He wants someone who will love her like he does. He wants her to understand he did not abandon her, and that he has passed. He wants her to feel comfortable going to a new home so she doesn’t feel like she lives with a stranger,” Jennie explained in a Facebook post.

Babs, a loving and affectionate dog, does not have any behavioral issues. However, she needs to be the only pet in the household as she doesn’t get along with other dogs.

While Jennie has met with interested adopters, the search for the perfect home continues as many potential candidates either have existing pets or live too far away. But with each passing day, the hope remains that they will soon find the ideal home for Babs before David’s time runs out.

Amidst the sadness of this story, it is heartwarming to witness David’s unwavering concern for his beloved companion during his final days. Let us all share this story far and wide, spreading the word to help Babs find the perfect home she deserves.

Please watch the video below for a closer look at David and Babs’ bond:

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