Brainteasers are making a comeback in popularity, and this puzzle featuring Trapper John is leaving even those experienced in these puzzles scratching their heads.

The puzzle depicts a retro sketch of a hunter traipsing through the snow. Somewhere in the picture is a hidden bear, cleverly hidden by the artist.

Some have reported that it only took them 5 seconds to see the looming grizzly, and once you see him yourself you will wonder how you missed him. If you are still having trouble finding him, here is a hint.

Turn the picture upside down, and look at what used to be a “cliff” on the right side of the picture. There is the bear hidden among the snow covered pine trees! The puzzle was recently featured on Playbuzz along with the title, “Quick! Can you find the hidden bear before the hunter gets eaten?” The tricky picture is accompanied with the challenge to locate the bear as quickly as possible to give Trapper John to defend himself from imminent bear attack.

For those who struggle to see the bear and do not find it quickly, Playbuzz teases that their inability to find the bear was the unfortunate demise of Trapper John, who was eaten by the hidden bear.

Wow! I bet he never saw it coming and hopefully it didn’t hurt! Ew!

Still Need a Better Look?

If at first you didn’t see where the bear was hidden, you needed to flip the image upside down. Now do you see him? He was disguised as the base of the trees.
See for yourself! Pretty tricky!


I see him now! That was hard!

Did You Find The Bear?

Yes! I saw him right away. I’m great at these games!

Nope! I needed the reveal, now I see him!

Hunting is bad! I am glad I didn’t see the bear!

I am the bear and Trapper John was delicious!

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