Seth, who is only 11 years old, had the police called on him by his neighbors after they saw his sign that read “Ice Cold Beer.” But honestly, his idea was quite clever!

Some children have a natural talent for the business world. Even at a young age, they love blending their creative ideas with their strong work ethic, all in pursuit of earning some extra money.

A young entrepreneur in Utah is making waves in his community with his innovative business ideas.

Seth, an 11-year-old, set up a little stand by the roadside. But instead of selling lemonade, he offered a different delicious drink.

He was by the side of the road holding a sign that read “Ice cold beer”.

As he was only a child, a few of his neighbors made the decision to contact the police. The authorities swiftly arrived at the location to initiate an investigation.

Luckily, upon their arrival, they discovered that Seth wasn’t actually selling real “beer.” Instead, his advertising had a comical and ingenious twist.

The young lad wasn’t involved in selling any alcohol whatsoever. He was not engaging in any illegal activities.

Upon closer inspection, it became apparent that he was selling ROOT beer!

The young boy was completely honest. On his sign, the word “root” was written in green. You’d have to come up close to notice it.

The Brigham City Police Department saw the boy’s idea as a brilliant marketing strategy, rather than getting angry at him.

His business did so well, it even surprised them. Most kids wouldn’t be able to do that!

A Facebook user expressed:

That child is bound to become an exceptional marketing expert! They knew exactly how to capture people’s attention. It seems like their strategy worked, and they even received police protection. I bet they also gained a lot of business opportunities.

Another person remarked:

He’s smart, organized, and tidy! He works hard and considers what the public likes… He can achieve anything with that attitude! And with the support of a fantastic community of police officers, he’s already receiving mentorship! This is amazing!

The Brigham City Police Department responded to the individual who stated that anyone who reported the boy to the police should be ashamed.

Our citizens should always feel comfortable and confident when reaching out to us. They were simply contacting us because they believed there was something suspicious happening. No harm done, no offense taken.

The kid received a lot of praise for the support provided by the police officers.

They managed the situation excellently. Upon realizing he was innocent, a few of them decided to purchase root beer bottles. I mean, who could say no to the boy’s charisma? And they were only $1 each!

Seth is young, but he definitely knows how to make his business stand out.

It’s amazing how most kids opt for lemonade stands and lawn mowing to earn money, but this young man has proven that thinking creatively can truly make a significant impact. I can’t wait to see what other ingenious ideas he comes up with in the future!

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