Unique Rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ by Home Free and Peter Hollens

Peter Hollens, a renowned acapella singer, collaborates with the group Home Free for a remarkable rendition of “Amazing Grace.” The song is featured on Hollens’s 2018 album, Legendary Folk Songs. Known for his secular recordings, Hollens often includes hymns in his albums and on his YouTube channel.

Home Free, winners of the 2013 Sing-Off competition, join Hollens in a tranquil church setting. Initially, only two Home Free members are visible, but the remaining three join seamlessly as the song progresses. The smart editing enhances the smooth tone of both the video and the song.

Less than a minute into the video, the scene transitions to a serene meadow, reinforcing the song’s spiritual theme. “Amazing Grace” is celebrated in nature, aligning with its origins as a hymn praising God, the creator of life and nature.
The performance highlights the technical marvel of acapella singing, with a flawless blend of voices. Hollens graciously thanks Home Free, showcasing his humility and appreciation for their collaboration.

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