Incredible Discovery at Stockman’s Farm

Scott Stockman, who runs Stockman’s Eggs, shared an incredible discovery made at his farm. He posted a photo of an unusually large egg, weighing 176 grams compared to the average egg’s 58 grams.

The Astonishing Find

Upon cracking the egg, they found another perfectly formed egg inside. Scott told ABC News Australia, “It’s just incredible actually —to have two perfectly formed eggs together.” An expert from Charles Sturt University’s veterinary sciences school had never seen anything like it before.

Expert Explanation

Associate Professor Raf Freire explained that the hen must have produced a normal egg but didn’t lay it. The next day, a new ovum was released, and the hen formed a shell around both the existing egg and the new ovum. This rare phenomenon resulted in the extraordinary egg discovered at Stockman’s farm.

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