Being a parent is never easy. Each generation faces new challenges and obstacles while making decisions they believe are best for their children. In today’s society, parents have to navigate the internet and smartphones, along with debates about screen time.

One mother, Laura Muse, sparked a heated debate when she admitted to snooping through her children’s phones to stay informed about their activities and who they talk to.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult for parents to deny their children smartphones. Phones have become an integral part of everyday life, and children are well aware of their importance. While it is advisable to delay buying your child a smartphone for as long as possible, it is also natural to want to be aware of what they are doing with such instant access to the internet. But where should we draw the line between parental caution and respecting a child’s privacy?

In 2022, Laura Muse became the center of a split internet when she revealed that she regularly checks her teenage children’s phones. Laura defended her actions by stating that she pays for the phones, so she has the right to monitor them. She also ensures her children hand in their phones before bed to prevent late-night scrolling.

Laura, a 41-year-old mental health clinician, started checking her children’s phones when they were 11 and continued the practice into their teenage years. While she trusts her kids, she wants to make sure they are not engaging in inappropriate activities or falling prey to online scammers and predators. Laura believes that if she finds something concerning, it becomes a teachable moment to discuss with her children.

While many people find Laura’s approach reasonable, there are critics who consider parental vigilance like this to be a breach of privacy. Some argue that a child’s phone, like their room, is their private space and should not be invaded by parents. This debate has attracted attention on platforms like TikTok, where users express their views on parental phone monitoring.

What do you think about this debate? Do parents have the right to look through their children’s smartphones? Let us know in the comments below.

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