37 things you’ll regret in your old age. Number 3 made me cry See in the first comment👇🔻

Have you ever thought, when you were
sitting lazily in your armchair and looking for boring programs on TV, that you might regret being lazy and not enjoying your youth enough?

Of course, we don’t encourage your depressing introspection, but we do want to remind you of some of the things you need to do… while you still can.

Read the below and then take action. In this life we must try everything, we must not have regrets for something we didn’t do.
I didn’t travel when I had the chance. Traveling is the most beautiful experience.
Travel as much as possible, visit, and learn about new people and things. Do it now when you are young. Later you will have family and it will be more difficult.

I haven’t learned a foreign language. The more foreign languages you know, the better.
There is no excuse for not speaking at least two foreign languages.

I stayed in a toxic relationship. Don’t wait for time to pass if a relationship is hurting you. Get out of that relationship as soon as possible.
I didn’t protect myself from the sun. Wrinkles, pimples, facial blemishes, and skin cancer, all can be prevented by sun protection. Take care of yourself.
I missed the opportunity to go to concerts of my favorite artists. Next time you hear your favorite band is coming to town or near you, go to the concert.
I was too afraid to do many things. Fear limits us.
I didn’t make sports a priority.
At 50, 60 you will wish you had done more sport for both health and appearance.

I let gender limit me.
I didn’t quit a job I hated. Yes, there is a need to have a job, but we need to find a job that we enjoy and that helps us pay the bills too. It can be done!
I didn’t do my best in school. Education is the best business card. Your knowledge represents you. Don’t forget that.
I didn’t consider myself beautiful/beautiful. What’s the point of spending time thinking negatively about ourselves? We are who we are and we should love and appreciate ourselves for who we are.

I was afraid to say “I love you”. What do you lose in telling someone how you feel with all sincerity. Show your loved ones that you love them.
I didn’t heed my parents’ advice. Parents know what they say when they tell you. Even if you disapprove of them at the time, sooner or later you will come to their words and wish you had listened to them.
I spent my youth in isolation. It is a sin!
I cared too much about the opinions of others. You and only you know what’s best for you. In 20 years X’s opinion will be completely irrelevant.
I supported other people’s dreams instead of my own. Never put others above yourself.
I wasted time. Time is precious. Don’t waste it. Spend time as efficiently and well as possible. Allow yourself to be happy.
I have held grudges even against loved ones. Any negative feelings we feel hurt us first and foremost.
I didn’t fight for myself enough.
No one will fight for you, you alone must do that.

I didn’t volunteer enough. You have a chance to make this world a better place. Get involved.
I neglected the health of my teeth. Always take care of your oral hygiene. It’s easy to take care of your teeth and much more difficult and expensive to fix them afterwards.
I missed the chance to ask my grandmother a lot of questions she could have answered. Grandparents are a fountain of wisdom. They have lived long and learned their lessons. Learn from them.
I worked too hard. Work is important, but more important is spending time with your family and friends.
I never knew how to cook. Cooking is creative, it’s relaxing, it doesn’t deny you such pleasure.
I never took the time to enjoy the important moments. Don’t be on the run, appreciate what’s around you. Take pictures.
I haven’t finished what I started.
Don’t leave plans and dreams unfulfilled.

I could never enjoy myself at parties. Parties are great! Wouldn’t it be a shame to waste them?
I let cultural expectations define me. We’re all unique. We’re not defined by gender or culture.
They are all a limit to our full potential.

I didn’t let a friendship continue. Even if time passes and we change, a true friendship will last a lifetime.
I didn’t play with my children enough. Children don’t know about all your problems and they don’t need to know. They are your children, give them time and make them happy.
I have never taken a risk in love. Don’t be afraid to love. If you truly love, go to great lengths to fulfill your love.
I haven’t made many acquaintances. Networking is one of the most important things in life because it opens many doors. Invest in networking.
I’ve worried too much. What’s the point?!
I let myself get caught up in the drama. Drama is self-inflicted and toxic.
I haven’t spent enough time with loved ones. Nothing is more important than time with those we love.
I couldn’t stand in front of a crowd. It is a very pleasant experience to know that all eyes are on you. You really must try.
I wasn’t grateful enough. Life is full of good and bad. It is very important to be thankful for all the good things in life because only the good things will remain.

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