Betrayal is among the most devastating feelings, but it takes on an even more horrible dimension if it comes from a close family member.

That’s the case of Josie, who felt utterly crushed when her son lied to her.

The devoted mother made a decision to give her house to her son and his young wife so they could comfortably start a family, but things took a turn that Josie wouldn’t have expected in a million years. She sent a letter to us to share her story and ask for advice.

Here’s her story
I live alone in a 3-bedroom house. My recently married son kept saying that it was the perfect home to start a family, so I ended up giving it to them while I went to live with my widowed sister.

Yesterday, my son told me that his mother-in-law is moving in with them. I said, “I didn’t leave my home to have her live with you.”

My daughter-in-law declared, “We lied about starting a family right away. We are not ready yet; we’re too young.” She added, “But my mom is alone. We have a big house now, so she will come live with us.”

I was furious and said that I didn’t agree to this arrangement. I reminded her that it is still technically my house.

My son then stated, “My MIL is much more in need of us than you are. She’s my family too now and I have to take care of her.”

I feel betrayed and heartbroken. What should I do?

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