Former US striker Landon Donovan has shed light on a strange new haircut that stirred up social media.

Known for his consistent crew or buzz cuts throughout his career, the 42-year-old retired athlete surprised fans with an irregular hairstyle that revealed patches of his scalp. This unexpected look debuted during his punditry role for Fox Sports’ coverage of the Austria vs. France game in Euro 2024.

In a funny text exchange with his ex-LA Galaxy teammate Mike Magee, Donovan addressed his new look.

Magee humorously advised, “LD, check your Twitter ASAP and maybe find a new barber,” adding a ‘grimacing’ emoji.

Landon Donovan responded humorously, “Where were you 7 hours ago??? I had a hair transplant procedure two weeks back and was assured it wouldn’t be noticeable on camera.”

Donovan, who last played in Major League Soccer in 2016, later had brief stints with Club León and the indoor team San Diego Sockers.

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Before the rise of Christian Pulisic, Donovan was widely regarded as the most accomplished male soccer player in American history. The former LA Galaxy captain represented the U.S. in three World Cups, with his exclusion from the 2014 squad marking a significant moment in his career.

Now a pundit for Fox Sports, Donovan is covering the entire Euro 2024 tournament as an analyst and color commentator.

During his first appearance with the new haircut, France edged out Austria 1-0. With more matches to come, Donovan’s new look is sure to get more screen time.

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