Six days before my wedding, my sister’s husband and eight-year-old kid passed away in a collision. She urged me to cancel, but I protested, “I cannot give up my day. We’ve already paid for everything. She was silent.

On the big day, when we were all dancing, my sister arrived amid the crowd, laughing uncontrollably. Then all of a sudden, we hear a loud bang as all of the lights in the party venue turn off at once, and the music quickly stops.

I was horrified to see her son and husband’s images emerge on the enormous projection wall that exhibited our wedding photos. In that instant, I understood she had planned to ruin my particular day.

My sister then stepped up on stage and took the microphone, stating to me, “You’re up here dancing and partying while your little nephew died less than a week ago.” “Shame on you!”

Before leaving the stage, she added, “When you have kids of your own, I will treat them with the same indifference you treated mine!”

Everyone was silent after that, and the guests started leaving shortly after. My day was totally ruined.

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