JULIO Foolio was in Tampa, Florida, celebrating his 26th birthday by the pool when something terrible happened.

Attorney for the Florida rapper confirmed that Foolio, an independent artist with almost a million monthly Spotify listeners, was shot and killed early Sunday morning while celebrating his birthday.

The rapper Foolio.
Charles Jones, whose stage name was Julio Foolio, was a rising rap star-to-be.

Foolio was born on June 21, 1998, and grew up in Southeast Florida, near Jacksonville.

A lot of people followed the rapper on social media, especially

Juliano Foolio has a million followers on Instagram.
Juliano Foolio has 647,000 YouTube subscribers.
Twitter: @TdbFoolio has 302,000 followers.
55k TikTok followers, @foolio666
X (formerly Twitter) has 63,000 followers, Using @Espn_Foolio

Furthermore, Foolio had almost 100,000 SoundCloud followers and more than a million monthly Spotify listeners.

Apple Music says that his rap style is a mix of “quick-hitting beats with a melodic style.”

When Foolio started to try to become a rapper in 2016, Say Cheese TV, a hip-hop channel, put him 13th on their list of the Top 20 Florida Rappers for the Fall.

In 2018, Foolio released his breakout mixtape, 6Toven, which was a collaboration with the famous producer Zaytoven.

The most famous songs he has written are:

This is a beatbox remix of Crooks’ “When I See You.” It’s on the list of dead people’s songs.
Howdy Doody!
According to Wealthy Gorilla, Foolio’s rap career made him a lot of money, about $1 million.

Whatever happened to Foolio?
A shooting happened early Sunday morning at a hotel in Tampa, Florida, according to the police.

One person, Foolio, was confirmed dead, and three others were hurt.

The shooting happened in the parking lot of a Holiday Inn just before 5 a.m. ET.

Two cars were shot at, according to Fox 2 Now News’s report from Joneé Lewis, public information officer for the Tampa Police Department.

According to News4JAX, Tampa Police Public Information Officer Jonee’ Lewis wrote in a press release, “The victim in this morning’s shooting is believed to be Charles Jones.”

“Confirmation from the Medical Examiner’s Office is needed regarding positive identification.”

Additionally, Foolio’s lawyer, Lewis Fusco, confirmed the rapper’s death on his own Instagram Stories.

“Fusco Law Group has been honored to represent Charles Jones, professionally known as Foolio, for several years.”

“It is with deep sadness that we confirm Mr. Jones passed away early this morning.”

According to reports, Foolio was having a party at a nearby Airbnb for his birthday.

The rapper’s social media accounts promoted the party, which quickly got too crowded. The police had to step in and evacuate the partygoers.

Later, Foolio and his friends went looking for another place to party, which is how they ended up at the Holiday Inn.

“While the events involving our client, Mr. Charles Jones, have been disclosed by law enforcement, we are unable to provide further comments at this time until additional details become public record,” the statement said.

“We kindly request that the privacy of Mr. Jones and his family be respected during this difficult time.”

In an upsetting tweet sent just a few days before he was killed by a gunshot, Foolio seemed happy on his birthday.

“God, thank you for letting me see another year and celebrate another birthday,” he wrote on Twitter, along with a bunch of happy emojis and the words “appreciate all the birthday wishes so far.”

The rapper’s alleged girlfriend, Mani B, also shared her sadness on social media.

“You took my boyfriend away from me. She tweeted, “I hate you all, and I won’t be the only one crying.” I included a small broken heart emoji.

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