Sweater At Target Sparks Controversy After Girl Gets Offended By It!

Nowadays, people get easily offended by things we somehow considered normal back in the day. Sometimes, these feelings are totally justified, while other times, they seem like nothing but exaggeration.

It is up to you to decide whether the young woman from the following story was right about getting mad with Target for selling what she considered a very offensive sweater.

Namely, Reign Murphy is a regular customer at the store, so one day, she decided to go shopping. Among the plenty of stuff offered there, her attention was attracted by a red sweater. However, once she picked it in her hand, she was shocked by what was written on it. The sweater said: “OCD Obsessive Christmas Disorder.” Having been suffering from this psychological disorder that around 2.2 million Americans suffer from, she was deeply offended. Reign believed the store shouldn’t have mocked with something like that.
She then snapped a photo of the sweater and shared it on Twitter. The number of shares and comments surprised her. Many people shared her opinion and believed the writing on the piece of clothing was offensive indeed. Of course, there were also those who thought the message was neither disrespectful nor hurtful, despite dealing with the condition themselves.

Target spokesperson, Jessica Carlson, apologized to those offended by the product but said they won’t stop selling it.

Previously, another woman claimed some of the designs sold at Target were insulting, such as the shirts with signatures such as “bride,”” trophy,” and “Mrs.”

According to her, these designs led to the belief that a woman could be bought or sold

For more on the story go to the video below and tell us what you think

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