In the realm of finances, some blended families face challenges or may struggle to treat all children equally. For example, Lindsay wished her daughter to receive the same treatment as her stepdaughter, leading her to consider purchasing an expensive graduation present. However, her husband objected, stating that it was his money, and suggested she opt for a more economical alternative. Lindsay felt disheartened and reached out to the online community for advice.

Here’s what she shared:

I wanted to get my daughter a $2000 graduation gift. It’s fair because last year, my husband of 12 years got a $2000 gift for his own daughter’s graduation.

But he said, “You don’t work, and this is my money! Ask her dad to pay or settle for a smaller gift!” He added, “I don’t think it’s my responsibility to buy her a gift from my own money in the first place; it should be you or her dad.”

My husband said that knowing full well that I would never ask my ex-husband to help me buy a gift for our daughter. We’re not on good terms, and I’d be insulting myself if I asked him. So, I had no choice but to get a smaller gift for my daughter.

On graduation day, my stepdaughter approached me and declared, “I will not let your daughter feel that she’s being treated unfairly. What my dad did is wrong!”

She then gave me a small box, and when I opened it, I was shocked to see a piece of jewelry similar to what her dad had gotten her last year and what I intended to buy for my own daughter.

With tears in my eyes, I hugged my wonderful stepdaughter. However, I still cannot forgive my husband for treating me and my child this way. He’s been raising her for the past 10 years, and what he did broke my heart.

What should I do?

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