Erin and Jake Herrin reside in Salt Lake City, Utah, eagerly awaiting the arrival of their twin daughters. Kendra and Malaya, born on February 26, 2002, brought unexpected news—they were conjoined twins.

Sharing vital organs such as the colon, bladder, liver, a single kidney, and a pair of legs, the girls were joined at the abdomen.


Despite medical advice urging termination of the pregnancy, Erin chose to embrace motherhood, captivated by the faces of her unborn daughters on the MRI screen.

Erin and Jay’s love for their daughters only grew as the girls reached the age of four, prompting discussions with doctors about the possibility of separation. While the procedure posed significant risks, it offered hope for independent lives.

With Kendra retaining the shared kidney and plans for Malaya to receive a transplant, the decision to proceed with separation weighed heavily on the family.



Eventually, they opted for the operation, placing their trust in a skilled team of surgeons.

Following a successful separation, Kendra and Malaya embarked on a challenging journey of rehabilitation. Though statistically daunting, with only a 25% chance of both surviving, the sisters persevered.

Learning to walk again with one leg each, they embraced life’s challenges with resilience.

However, complications arose when Malaya required a kidney transplant. Without hesitation, their mother stepped forward as a donor. Despite initial success, Malaya eventually needed another transplant, this time from an anonymous donor.

Now at twenty years old, the sisters express gratitude to their parents for their decision. Malaya, drawn to graphic design, pursues her passion in college, relishing the opportunity to forge her own path.

Their journey underscores the importance of embracing individuality and pursuing dreams, a testament to their unwavering determination.

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