When two people stick to their boundaries, conflict can happen. Today’s story is about a woman who stood her ground against her stubborn sister. And she had a good reason — her own wedding.

The couple planned their wedding for the fall.

I’m getting married to my fiancé in October this year. We got engaged in January and we’re thrilled. It’s a small wedding, just close family and friends.

The issue is with my sister Lisa. Lisa has a 2-year-old son with her husband. I don’t have a super close relationship with Lisa for various reasons I can’t get into here.

We sent out the wedding invites last month. Our wedding starts at 1:30 p.m., and we asked guests to arrive by 1:00. The venue is close to our hometown, so it’s convenient for most guests, including Lisa.”

Lisa said the wedding time wouldn’t work because of her 2-year-old’s nap schedule. She mentioned he usually naps at noon, and if he misses it, he gets cranky. I suggested finding a babysitter, but she said she couldn’t because everyone she trusts would be at the wedding. I then proposed they come to the reception, but she refused.

She insisted we change the time, but I said we couldn’t. Lisa then said she wouldn’t come. I felt hurt. A few days later, she asked if I considered changing the time again. I said it wasn’t possible. She got upset, blaming me for her absence, and called me a bridezilla.

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