He was the one whom his parents called «a dumb dog», so he grew up and became a legend! 🤌😉

He couldn’t even read a book until he was 3️⃣1️⃣ but became the biggest inspiration for millions! 😯🤩We bet you didn’t know these jaw-dropping facts about Henry Winkler! 🤫😳 For more – see the article! 👇


Henry Winkler’s path to success and stardom hasn’t been as smooth as it may seem. Few know that as a child and teenager he was constantly being called «lazy», «stupid» and «dumb» not only by his classmates and peers, but also parents. Believe it or not, he couldn’t read a book until he was 31.

Still with undiagnosed dyslexia he often got punishments at school and had to silently endure the criticism. His determination and strong will power led him to earn an MFA from Yale University. Shortly after he graduated from University, he embarked on his acting journey.

When Winkler was in his 30s he finally figured out what lied behind all his struggles and the challenges he faced – dyslexia. It is believed that the character named Hank that he authored for a children’s series was his own portrayal since he also had dyslexia and faced challenges in daily life.

He has written a number of books which shaped him as one of the true legends for our generation.  Winkler also raises awareness of dyslexia showing that he himself suffered from it which, yet, failed to stop him from pursuing his dreams.

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