Mom Leaves Baby In Car, Sparks Outrage Over Sign Left On Car Window…

Bonnie Engle devised a light-hearted prank by placing a handwritten sign on her car window, announcing that she would ‘be back soon’. The note was clear: ‘My baby is OK. He has his snacks and his drink!! I’m in Target.’ The words ‘OK’, ‘Target’, and ‘be back soon’ were all emphasized with heavy underlining.

Sharing a video on Instagram, the American mother of three added, ‘Please no judgement, he is safe and well.’

However, the video took an unexpected twist. While viewers were anticipating the sight of a child in the car, the camera instead revealed Bonnie’s husband in the driver’s seat, holding an iced coffee and a bag of popcorn with a less-than-impressed expression.

The clever prank brought a collective sigh of relief from thousands who realized it was all in jest.

In the video, Bonnie’s husband Andrew can be seen casually snacking on popcorn, his elbow resting against the car door, as he avoids looking directly at the camera.

The brief clip quickly captured the attention of the online community, amassing a staggering 30.9 million views.

Parents who initially felt the prank’s gravity admitted their emotions turned from outrage to laughter. One mother shared, “‘For a second I was about to get really upset… I was not expecting that,” while another confessed, “‘My heart dropped and then I [laughed].’”

One witty comment read, ‘”Do not attempt to pet, not friendly.”‘

Some playful speculation arose as well, with one commenter humorously suggesting, ‘Meanwhile she’s holding the real baby.’

The mix of reactions reflected the diverse nature of online audiences. Amid the chuckles and relief, however, some individuals didn’t appreciate the humor. One person expressed concern, asserting, ‘You shouldn’t joke about leaving a baby alone in a car,’ while another criticized, ‘Honestly, this is so tasteless.’

A third commenter adopted a more serious tone, highlighting the potential dangers of making light of serious safety concerns. They stated, ‘Let’s make a video mocking one of the leading causes of infant/toddler deaths… for likes.’

This incident underscores the thin line between humor and sensitive topics, particularly within the realm of parenting and child safety.

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