A woman who made 5,000 men apply to be her boyfriend has explained why they all failed.
Vera Dijkmans took to TikTok in a bid to find love, but despite massive interest, she remains single.
Out of the 5,000 guys that applied to be her beau, Vera said only three were deemed as suitable.

Vera, who lives in London, has over seven million followers across social media, said: “I asked men to fill in an application to be my boyfriend and received 5,000 replies – but only three fit my strict criteria.”

She continued: “I went on a date with them – but I’m currently still single.

Despite this disappointing result, I still consider the experiment a success since I was able to be upfront of what I want and see which men fit that criteria.”

The TikToker added: “I had to filter through quite a lot of strange applications.
“One man offered to send me a sample of his blood and asked for mine in return – which I ignored.
“I also had a famous person slide into my DMs; I can’t say who it is but I definitely didn’t expect it!
“Most of the applicants were from Texas and a lot of them had the Aquarius star sign.”

Men who wanted to be Vera’s boyfriend had to fill out a questionnaire, which asked a series of wide-ranging questions to weed out any applicants that didn’t fit Vera’s strict criteria.
The questions included:
Do you have a full-time job?
Do you live with your parents?

Do you own a working car?
Do you currently have a booty call?
If we lived together would I get the walk in closet?
Do you like watching Avatar (ATLA)?
Who is the best artist: The Weeknd, Future, Drake or Travis Scott?
While Vera did enjoy the challenge, she has decided to halt the search for love right now.

I wouldn’t do another application process online,” she added.
“If I do it again, I will probably make it a real life event.
“At the moment, I’ve put the boyfriend search on hold but I’m keeping my options open.
“I’m just very picky and I need a guy to be almost perfect.

I don’t think I should have to compromise on my needs – I’d rather be single until I find the man I’m meant to be with.”

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