He is Freddie Figgers, his story inspired a lot of people around the world. Seeing him today as the successful guy he became, you wouldn’t believe that he was left behind by his parents in a dumpster as a newborn baby.

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Freddie is a living proof that no matter how the world treats you, no one will be able to take what god planned for you.

Fortunately, he was adopted by the perfect parents, his adoptive father was always encouraging him to be whatever he wants in life.

Freddie’s new parents realized instantly that the boy is very special, at the age of 9 they bought him a brand new computer but it was broken. Any other kid will demand his parents to replace the computer with another one but not Freddie he said he could work out what the problem was himself.

After diagnosing and checking the computer Freddie managed to fix the problem. To this day he still owns that piece of technology that reminds him how his love for computers and technologies started.

The fact that Freddie got a job as a computer technician at the age of 12 is truly fascinating.

When he was 15, he decided to start his own business by launching a cloud computing company. And that was his first step to being a millionaire.

He, later on, used his knowledge to help people who shared the same health problem called dementia as his father.

Freddie left college after realizing that it was a waste of time and he prefers to use that time to improve his products.

And after 4 weeks after leaving, Freddie invented a computer program and earned $80,000 which he used to create a shoe for people suffering from dementia.

Then he created a phone with a built-in wireless blood glucose meter.

Freddie now owns a company worth $62 million and it is the first and only minority-owned telecommunication company in The United States.

After his hard and tough start in life, the right people gave him guidance and help for his talent to grow.

“Believe in what you do. Don’t let anyone talk down to you. People will not see your vision. People will not believe in you. But just believe in yourself and keep thriving,” this inspiring young man says.

God Bless This Brilliant Young Man – and those Who Adopted him!

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