Everyone nowadays drives a car, but not all are crazy about cars. Jay Leno is a rich guy and a car enthusiast. This time, he shows off another car handed to him by Johnny Carson. Recently, Jay Leno featured his predecessor Johnny Carson’s car on Jay Leno’s Garage.

The vehicle is a 1939 Chrysler Royal. Leno talks about the car and tells everyone that these are the cars that people can still find sitting in a barn as it is something a farmer can afford. The vehicle has a 4.1-liter flathead six-cylinder, around 114hp, with a 3-on-3 transmission and bias-ply tires. Leno believes that these cars are just unbreakable.

The 1939 Chrysler Royal sat for around 20 years before Leno poured some gas in the carburetor and cranked it. The car works perfectly fine. According to him, the Chrysler Flatheads are bulletproof and will run forever, making many memories with people.

Leno says on the show that this 1939 Chrysler Royal has a lot of memories as well. He said, “You’d call it celebrity providence if I was an auctioneer because this car was brought new by Johnny Carson’s dad.” Leno introduces Johnny Carson as the biggest and most popular host of Late-Night Talk Shows.

Leno adds that for over 30 years, Carson remained number one despite all the competition. Then, he shares how NBC buys the same 1939 Chrysler Royal as a gift to Carson. However, Carson did not know where to put it because he did not have enough space at home. So, one day Leno gets a call from Carson asking him what he should do about the car.

Leno suggests the late-night host donate it to a museum. The museum receives a note from Johnny saying, “Once the exhibit is over, I want Jane Leno to have it.” This is how Leno receives this car and restores it. He then allows others to glimpse a few things that Johnny had used earlier. Leno then checks the car’s exterior, interiors, backseat, and trunk.

He explains that the 1939 Chrysler Royal is a full-size car that could carry 6 people. It has a nice big trunk which is really good, and it looks like a midsize car. It also has a great car heater, which Leno loved. The other Royal car features were the giant steering wheel & the upholstery. Leno then checks the car’s rear and loves the cathedral-type window. He also likes the green color of the vehicle, which makes it unique. After that, he goes for a long drive in the car. He says, “I take care of it (the car), cherish it and most of all, drive it.”

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