A lot of research has shown that chocolate, tea, and coffee hold substances that prevent Alzheimer’s and other diseases from happening.

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Who knew that drinking a lot of coffee, tea, and eating chocolate can help your brain and protect you from illnesses, that’s what 3 major studies have discovered lately, however you need to consume these substances in moderation.

A study from the National Institute of Agings and John Hopkins University showed some fascinating things about how caffeine chemicals work. These chemicals shield your brain against Parkinson’s stroke and even Alzheimer’s.

11 other studies have shown also that caffeine can lower the risks of brain cancer. You can get this chemical by consuming Coffee and Tea, just easy as that.

Okayama University introduced another study that showed that caffeine can make your brain more flexible and stronger when used responsibly.

The one question that stuck in my mind is how much should you get a day. And experts suggested that you can consume 400mg of caffeine per day enough. It is about 4 8-ounce cups of coffee daily.

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